Ian Kearey / Alan Prosser / Ian Telfer

First released on: Ride, 1989

my dog's an awkward hound, sniffing
round on the ground, tail up nose down
for hours and hours and hours and hours
sniffing at the garbage cans of power
he don't smell like a flower
take a whiff, take a shower
but he knows what's underneath that lid

my dog
knows where the bones are hid

dig down deep, a damn dog'll dig deeper
creep if you like but he's a light sleeper
bury that smoking gun in a hurry
even if it's deader than a letter in a shredder
better worry better run better scurry
'cause he knows just what the chairman did

my dog won't chase cats or bats or gnats
just big fat rats, he'll get on the track
and his jaws won't slack 
until he feels the backbone crack
rats may be rich or rats may be clever
one thing of which they'll never ever get rid

my dog
knows where the bones are hid