John Jones / Ian Telfer
Pukka Music 1986

Released on: Step Outside, 1986

the moon is looking for adventure 
she whispers like a gong 
she will not quit night-walking 
she pulls poor souls along 
she will not quit night-walking 
she gives the wheel a spin 
and none that call at Liberty Hall 
come out where they went in 

o do not trust in the guide-book 
you will not find it there 
or try to quiz the natives 
they scratch their heads and stare 
official expeditions 
are forever setting sail 
but if they fall on Liberty Hall 
they do not tell the tale 

the rich come waving their money 
but money's not the price 
souls that gain admittance 
cannot pay it twice 
stock exchange quotations 
do not list its name 
but behind the wall at Liberty Hall 
they're buying just the same 

I am a real-time sailor 
I tack across the tide 
and when I get to landfall 
may the door be open wide 
I'll throw away the compass 
jettison the chart
and when I crawl to Liberty Hall 
I'll navigate by heart 

you will not need your learning 
nor yet your rosary 
you need not pack a suitcase 
to come along with me 
the coachman and his horses 
are ready to depart 
and at the ball at Liberty Hall 
the band's about to start