John Jones / Alan Prosser / Ian Telfer
Complete Music Ltd 1989

First released on: Ride, 1989

underneath the city
and all that we possess
I met the prince of beggars
at a place with no address

he had air-conditioned shadows
a thousand-dollar suit
hands to pour the brandy
hands to count the loot

he said I know what your game is you are falling like a star heaven to Calcutta did you think you'd fall so far? you have pockets full of pity to get you through the day you see my damaged children and you turn you face away but though I hurt these children I do not tell them lies I show them what their life is and I cut them down to size and though I hurt my children maybe I make them wise let the prince of beggars hold a mirror to your eyes when love laid out her table were you down there with the bums? did I see you in the alley? were you grateful for the crumbs? and the one who pays the piper, does he pay you anything? tell the prince of beggars who's the beggar when you sing! get up and sing