Green Bailey (1929) , arr. John Jones / Ian Kearey / Russell Lax / Alan Prosser / Ian Telfer
Complete Music Ltd 1988

First released on: Wide Blue Yonder, 1987

shut up in the mine of Coal Creek
we know that we must die
but if we trust in Jesus
to heaven our souls shall fly

our lamps are burning dimly
our food is almost gone
death wraps his shirt around us
soon we'll be carried home

goodbye dear wife and children
may you be treated kind
for now our time has come to die
locked up in the Coal Creek Mine

eleven of us were imprisoned
and two dear ones have died
nine more are left to suffer
and die in the Coal Creek mine

dear friends, you should take warning
and listen to what we say
you're now in the world of sunlight
and there you'd better stay

(By the oral transmission process, a few words have changed from Bailey's original)